The OTLA was started in the early 1980s to fill a need in the state of Oklahoma to promote and showcase the Texas Longhorn breed.  Since Oklahoma is one of only two locations in the nation that were used to help preserve the breed, it was only natural for those cattlemen within our state that took on the challenge of raising this great breed to organize.  The OTLA like other affiliates has seen its member numbers raise and fall like waves on the ocean, but has a core of dedicated individuals who continue to work hard.

The OTLA sponsor’s two shows annually within the state, the Stillwater Shootout held each March and the Tulsa State Fair in late Sept. A  farm tour is held sometime during the summer.  Our members have always been very competitive in the show ring, both locally and nationally. 

We are active on the national level as well, with two current members serving on the TLBAA Board of Directors, and several past Presidents and Officers of the TLBT came from our association.

We are a diverse association, made up of business professionals, farmers/ranchers, current and retired military service personnel.  Some members are very active on the show circuit, while others have carved out a niche in their location for the sale of great lean Longhorn beef.  Others work on improving the genetics of their herds, and the breed itself through selective breeding.   There are roughly 230 farms and ranches in Oklahoma raising Texas Longhorns, some with only a few animals, others with numbers into the hundreds.

And it’s only natural that this Breed have a presence in our State, since the great herds of the past flowed north thru Oklahoma in late 1800’s on the way to market. The Texas Longhorn is America’s Breed and the members of the OTLA are always working to promote this piece of living American history.