The Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Association was incorporated on January 29, 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The organizing and incorporating directors were:  Roy "Bo" Phillips, Kenneth Archer, Bill R. Anthony, Elvin Blevins, Dub Richardson, Jack Klutts and President Joe Mueggenborg.

The first OTLA Breeders Sale was held on October 8, 1981 - which coincided with the National Texas Longhorn Breeder's Association of America Convention, hosted by the OTLA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

In 1986, the OTLA started the beginning of the TEXAS LONGHORN SHOW CIRCUIT as we know it today.  With Don King serving as President of the OTLA and Rob Simpson serving as Show Chairman, the first National Open Texas Longhorn Show and Exhibition was founded.  There were 199 entries from 35 ranches and cattle from 5 states.

The OTLA has continued to promote Texas Longhorns with shows, displays at the state and county fairs and the "BEEF EXPO".

The OTLA is a strong TLBAA affiliate and has numerous members serving on TLBAA committees.

The Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Association believe that we are a diversified organization.  We have members with varying objectives.  Some only "show" cattle; others produce and market lean beef; others market roping and recreational cattle, and all of us realize how wonderful and unique our TEXAS LONGHORNS really are.

We invite you to join the OTLA.  Membership information can be obtained from any of the OTLA Board of Directors or click on the following link for a membership application.